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New Orleans – Beyond Bourbon Street

What comes to mind when you think of New Orleans?  Bourbon Street, beignets, drinking liquid sugar out of a hand grenade?  All of those are absolute musts, but there is more to experience in the big easy than the obvious.  I might not be an expert, but my love for this vibrant city is strong, and with each visit I’m seeking new experiences!


Day Trip to Titusville, Florida

I had seen Sledd’s U-Pick Farm pop up on my Facebook awhile ago and, like I always do, added it to my never ending list of places to go in Florida.  The flowers typically bloom in April/May, so I’ve been patiently awaiting their arrival.  I simultaneously was waiting for the perfect opportunity to tell my boyfriend that I wanted to drive 50 minutes from his house in Deland to pick sunflowers from a field.  That window of opportunity arose when he told me he wanted to watch two basketball games in a row during March Madness and in return he “owed me.” PERFECT!