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Kayaking Rock Springs Run from Kings Landing near Orlando, Florida – Top Florida Paddling Trips!

Whether it be in a lake, river, or ocean, Florida has endless options for kayaking adventures! There’s nothing more relaxing to me than paddling down a river, enjoying the sights and sounds of Florida nature. One of my favorite runs to kayak is Rock Springs Run in Apopka, Florida just outside of Orlando. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about kayaking Rock Springs Run from Kings Landing!

Important info: You cannot reserve kayaks ahead of time. I suggest arriving when the shop opens, or shortly after in case they sell out of vessels. On weekends, they will typically sell out of kayaks and canoes by mid-morning. Also note that the shop is CASH ONLY, but there is an ATM inside for use.

Kings Landing has several options for day trip paddles. If you’re inexperienced or advanced, there is as adventure for you at Kings Landing!

The longest trip is 8.5 miles, lasting around 4 hours (depending on how often you stop). For this trip, you must be on the water by 11 a.m. The paddle can become difficult in some sections due to fallen debris, but it is mostly an easy ride downstream.

Although Rock Springs Run is known for its clear blue water through Emerald Cut, this run goes through dark, brackish water. I enjoyed this trip mostly because there is a ton of wildlife. This paddle, to me, truly exemplifies pure Florida.

Toward the end of the 8.5 mile paddle, you will come across Wekiva Island. Known as somewhat of a party spot, you can stop here to have a drink at the bar, relax, or even play a round of beach volleyball.

Once you reach the Kings Landing dock, the shuttle will take you back to your car and where you began.

The second option, is paddling one hour up river to Emerald Cut. This paddle can be challenging as you are going against the current, and some sections are narrow. Don’t let that discourage you, it is doable for anyone! This shorter trip has less wildlife, more tropical vegetation lining the run, and clearer water.

Depending on how much rain there has been, the water may look tea colored and not be as clear. Whether it has rained or not, once you reach the top of the river at Rock Springs, the water will be clear turquoise. In some parts, it may look like two rivers merging if it had rained…so cool!

The ride back to the Kings Landing launch only takes around 20 minutes since you’re going with the current. What I love most about this kayak trip, is that there is no time limit. As long as you have the kayak returned by park closing, you are free to take as much time as you need to truly enjoy the river!

Whether you’re seasoned, or a beginner, this kayak trip is for you. If you haven’t been to this spot yet, add it to the top of your Florida bucket list!

For more information, or to contact Kings Landing, click here!